Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights        


Bibliography by themes

Alain Supiot (2005) Homo Juridicus – Essai sur la fonction anthropologique du Droit, Paris Seuil.

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Week 1: Defining Social Justice

Week 2: Defining Human Rights 

        the Universal Declaration of Indigenous People

o   Human Rights and Portugal

Portuguese law, Portugal HR observed from Europe, Portugal HR observed from Brazil, “Direitos Humanos em Portugal criticados pelos EUA”)

o   HR and US

§  Official Position 2009

§  Human Rights Watch

Defining Globalization

§  Defining Globalization

§   “When Did Globalization Begin”  

Week 3: Economic globalization

Week 4: Political globalization

Week 5: Political globalization continued

        From the Left

Week 6: Globalization and natural resources

§  Mining, Corporate Social Responsibility and the "Community": The Case of Rio Tinto, Richards Bay Minerals and the Mbonambi  P Kapelus - Journal of Business Ethics, 2002 – Springer

§  Globalization, Communities and Human Rights: Community-Based Property Rights and Prior Informed Consent Daniel Barstow Magraw and Lauren Baker - 35 Denv. J. Int'l L. & Pol'y 413 2006-2007 

Week 7: Globalization of communication

Week 8: Human Rights and Women

o   A Reference guide to UN Documents

§  Countergeographics of Globalization: The Feminization of Survival  Saskia Sassen

Week 9: Dignity and worth of all humans

o   Women and Girls – by country 

o   Modern Slavery (Most all of the Partner’s countries are listed here)

Week 10: Children and human rights

        Convention on the Human Rights of Children

o   Child Labor and Globalization” E Dinopoulos, Journal of Labor Economics,

o   International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

o   Globalization and Children

Week 11: Workers, immigrants and human rights

             o   Globalization from Below” J Brecher, T Costello, B Smith - The Nation, 2000 -

      o    “Human Rights through national bordersSociology Without Borders (4) 2009:383-397 António Pedro Dores

Week 12: Indigenous Rights

o   Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights

o   Indigenous Peoples and Development Processes: New Terrains of Struggle

Week 13: Environment

o  Entering the Century of Environment: A New Social Contract for Science

Week 14: Sustainability and the Future of Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights           

o   A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunity for All: Synopsis by World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization  (Access Synopsis on right column, pdf file, 7 pages)

o    'Just Sustainability': The Emerging Discourse of Environmental Justice in Britain? Julian Agyeman, Bob Evans The Geographical Journal, Vol. 170, No. 2, Environment and Development in the UK (Jun., 2004), pp. 155-164 (Note: JSTOR)

Week 15: Presentation of Case Study/Service Learning Projects.

Week 16: Final Examination - Final Blogs Due

Other documents:

Catherine Colard-Fabregoule, Christel Cournil (dir.)  Changement environnementaux globaux et droits de l'Homme préfacé par Olivier de Schutter; éditions Bruylant, 2012.


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