Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights        



While it seems that the world, over the past decade, has become consumed with everything global, few actually seem to understand the contradictions, complexities, and nuances associated with globalization and how it significantly impacts our daily lives. Whether our discussion deals with international trade or immigration, international markets or national security, nuclear arms race or global climate changes –we eventually wind up discussing the forces, factors associated with, and the realities of globalization.  Globalization is more than an understanding of development.  Globalization does not occur within a vacuum.  It happens both among humans and nations.  The forces of globalization have significance to how we interact and under what terms that interaction takes place.  Any significant conversation, by definition, must also include ones dealing with both social justice and human rights.  It is for this reason that this course was designed.  This course explores the theories, issues, debates, and pedagogy associated with globalization, social justice, and human rights.  Provides students with a unique opportunity to explore these topics within the classroom and, via internet and other technologies, in classrooms located around the globe.  The student, through collaborative projects with peers around the world, will reflect upon how globalization shapes and transforms local communities and national cultures.

Globalization, Human Rights and Social Justice – Maxim Program Themes

Week 1: Defining Social Justice

Week 2: Defining Human Rights

Week 3: Economic globalization

Week 4: Political globalization

Week 5: Political globalization continued

Week 6: Globalization and natural resources

Week 7: Globalization of communication

Week 8: Human Rights and Women

Week 9: Dignity and worth of all humans

Week 10: Children and human rights

Week 11: Workers, immigrants and human rights

Week 12: Indigenous Rights

Week 13: Environment

Week 14: Sustainability and the Future of Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights           

Week 15: Presentation of Case Study/Service Learning Projects.

Week 16: Final Examination - Final Blogs Due

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